Leadership Development Program in San Diego City & South

San Diego City & South

At Crestcom we specialize in improving leadership and management skills. Over the last 30 years more than 27,000 large and small companies in more than 60 countries have developed their leadership teams with us.

Our program is based on 10 core leadership competencies. Top trainers and business authors from around the world create content in each of these competencies that we deliver via live-facilitated interactive workshops and follow-up meetings here in San Diego.

Leaders and managers from multiple organizations and industries join us each month for a great breakfast and an engaging, educational and results-driven experience.

Carlton Oaks Country Club

9200 Inwood Dr.
Santee, CA 92071


Area served:

  • Alpine
  • Campo
  • Chula Vista
  • Coronado
  • El Cajon
  • La Mesa
  • Lemon Grove
  • National City
  • San Diego
  • Santee

Upcoming events at this location:

NOTE: This location is still virtual and will reopen soon. Nearest in-person location is at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club.

Reviews from the web

Crestcom has been the best decision I could have made for my company. My team is learning each month and applying that knowledge right away. I have seen immense growth each month. I highly recommend Crestcom.
Summer Gould, Eye/Comm, Santee

I would recommend Crestcom to everyone. I would recommend to managers, those who aspire to be managers, team leaders, and any individual who wants to develop themselves to become a better worker, leader, teammate, and/or manager.

Going into the program I was eager to learn. I was new to management and new to my position, so I wanted to learn how to balance my new work load whilst also being attentive to my team and their needs. It was a learning curve, but with the guidance of each session's video, session group work, and SMART meetings at my office, I was continuously becoming better for myself and my team. This made my team happier, which made my life happier and easier.

Now that I’ve graduated, I still find myself opening up my Crestcom lesson plans and watching past videos to assist with day-to-day problems I run into. This can be as small as how to properly prioritize to large scale change in the workplace. Again, I highly recommend the Crestcom Program.
Jazmine Arreola, National Air & Energy, San Diego

The Bulletproof Manager course is just fantastic. You can only expect to have a limited amount of takeaways from other management courses that are delivered by webinar or in a 2-3 day seminar setting – we simply don’t learn very well that way. While that kind of training is certainly better than none, the Bulletproof Manager course is structured to hit all the different kinds of learning styles, and makes you put into practice what you’ve learned, reflect on it, and report back. That’s how learning becomes habit.

The in-class content and instruction is great, but what I loved most about the course was the facilitated discussions with your classmates and peers, and exercises that really make you think about how you will apply the learning to your specific situation (your company, your role, your team). The timeline of the course lets you truly absorb the great array of teachings and fosters true professional and personal growth.
Celeste P., PRA, San Diego

I have been in the Crestom program for 7 months now and it has helped me become a better manager as well as a more productive one, I have learned so much on areas such as time management, employee management, office procedure management as well as tips on training and training processes. I highly recommend this course to any up and coming managers. The processes have increased our productivity and profits, it has been amazing to see that small things have such a great impact.
Mike Spencer, Best Rate Repair, San Diego